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    Athletes, Models, Singers and Actors

               go Crazy for ATTITUBE

   at the 2011 NBA All Star Gift Lounge


    The Attitube team hit the Red Carpet in Los Angeles CA once again, this time however,  hightops and  cleets replaced the traditional dress shoes and pumps. Athletes, models, singer, actors and actresses once again were going crazy for the Attitube at the The Power Player Sports Magazine's NBA All Star Game Gift Lounge at the W hotel in Hollywood, California. The event took place on Friday, February 18th at the W hotel's Bliss Spa as a pre All Star Game event. Among many of the athletes were NFL brothers Devin and Jason McCourty who said "the first thing we are going to do when we get back to training is tell our Strength & Conditioning Coach about Attitube.  This is awesome!" and NBA All Star Keyon Dooling excitedly stated "I never felt anything like it.  It totally makes sense.  The Attitube is sick." 

     The day was an overall success for Larry Brun who said " This is the ideal environment for the Attitube." Along with the Athletes, Models like Eva Pickford,  singer Mario and Actor Poncho Hodges of True Blood enjoyed a demo workout with the Attitube-Original, Dumbbells and for those brave enough, the Attitube-Pro. VH1 Basketball Wives' star, Royce Reed, along with many other guests took home a personal set of Attitube-Dumbbells, a Workout bag which included 1 water bottle and 2 instructional Exercise DVD`s. Larry who works with high performance athletes was honoured that he could provide the Attitube-Pro for the big boys. The Attitube-Pro is 6inches in diameter, weighing 40lbs (half-filled) challenges even the fittest of the athletes. `"This is just the kind of tool the athletes need for their training.  There is no other device that can simulate being tackled (in the gym), but the Attitube, which harnesses water motion for resistance, does just that.`

     Overall the weekend was a success, not only for the Attitube making its debut in the Professional  sports realm, but also for the athletes who now have the proper tool that can sitmulate the muscle reaction required for receiving a tackles or pumping out a shot while in the air.  Don`t be surprised when you see that all the number 1 professional teams are using the Attitube-Pro in their everyday training. Evolution Training brings athletic ability to a whole new level!


           Chudney Ross



           Keyon Dooling

Tiquan Underwood, Jason and Devin McCourty and Fellow NFL Players


    2011 GBK Golden Globe Gift Lounge

                Featuring the Attitube!

    The Attitube Team joined nominees, presenters and celebrities at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards,  for the GBK gift lounge hosted at the West London Hollywood Hotel Jan 14th and 15th in Los Angeles California. Celebrities such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, George Lopez and Michael Clark Duncan were among the many who took part in a Demo session with Inventor Larry Brun.  Guests  were introduced to the Attitube-Original, put through various exercises and were gifted with their very own Attitube-Original, workout bag, water bottle and 2 instructional DVDs.  The  immediate feedback was unbelievable.  Stars and Media outlets such as E-Entertainment to book a one on one session with an Certified Attitube Training Specialist. Well know actor Dennis Quad thought the science behind Attitube was a "brilliant idea, one that he has never seen before... "it's so simple, I can really feel it."  Jennifer Love Hewitt couldn't agree more and said "we'll definitely be incorporating the Attitube in our workouts." The stars were very honored and excited  to be gifted with a one-of-a-kind exercise device, that is not just another fad.  The weekend was a success not only for Attitube but also for all guests who attended, they are now equipped with the proper tool to build a healthier life.  

 Michael Clark Duncan



        Michael Clark Duncan
 " I like things that humble me and the Attitube definitely does it. Can't wait to use the Attitube Pro"


Dennis Quad
                Dennis Quaid


"Brilliant idea, one that I have never seen before... its so simple but Ii can really feel it."


         Jennifer Love Hewitt


                   "We'll definitely be incorporating the Attitube in our workouts."


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 Attitube Study currently underway.

    The Attitube Pro (6 inch diameter Attitube with integrated handles - for the sports enthusiast!) is currently undergoing studies at the University of Windsor.
    The study is comparing exercises using a barbell, half-ball and the Attitube.  Using 24-lead EMG on both sides of the body we will soon get some preliminary findings to see if using water as resistance and Top-Down Conditioning is advantageous to other common forms of training.  Stay tuned!

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Winner of the Everlast Award for the Best Concept & Marketability in Fitness – INPEX 2007 Inventors Show 



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BalanceModus Inc. warrants that all Original Attitube, Euro Attitube and Attitube Dumbbells are free of manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials. BalanceModus Inc. will repair or replace defective parts or equipment (excluding normal replacement items such as washers and o-rings) for the period of one year from the date of purchase in accordance with the following conditions:

  • The BalanceModus Inc. Limited Warranty becomes valid only after the online activation has been completed by the original purchaser within 30 days of the date of purchase and submitted via Attitube’s website.
  • Warranty applies to Original Attitube, Euro Attitube and Attitube Dumbbells only while the product remains in the possession of the original purchase and has not been subject to accident, misuse, abuse, improper service and/or non-manufacturer modification.
  • Original Attitube, Euro Attitube and Attitube Dumbbells are warranted from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the original date of purchase. Warranty of Original Attitube, Euro Attitube and Attitube Dumbbells applies to individual private use. Products used commercially may be serviced under warranty but this is at the sole discretion of the manufacturer.
  • Claim under the BalanceModus Inc. Limited Warranty can be obtained by email to customercare@attitube.ca and obtaining a return authorization (RA) number. No product will be accepted without a RA number. Defective equipment accompanied by the return authorization information must be shipped prepaid by sender to the address indicated by the return authorization information. Refunds or credits will not be issued for shipping charges.
  • Under no circumstances shall BalanceModus Inc. or any of its representatives be liable by virtue of this warranty or otherwise for damages or injuries to any person or property whatsoever, for any special indirect, secondary or consequential damage of any nature however arising out of the use of or inability to use this product.


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           >> 1 month free access with the purchase of Attitube Original, Dumbbells, Travel Pack, Yoga Pack, ect.
           >> After the 1st complimentary month Membership is $4.99/per month on a recurrent basis. 
           >> Membership may be cancelled at anytime with no penalty. 
           >> Perks to the Membership:
                                     - Access to the workout Library. 
                                     - Ability to input personal goals and create your own workout. Includes visual and written      
                                       instruction. Can be printed out and take it with you anywhere.
                                    - Access to all new exercise. Updated regularly.
                                    - Progress Report and scoring system. See how your workouts, strength and conditioning 
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                                    - In depth descriptions of Exercises, one step further than the instructional DVDS.