Evolution Training:Phase 2 Exercise

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Evolution Training: Phase 2 Exercise

Phase 2 Exercise
Phase 2 Exercise

Stationary Split Squat

Performance Analysis Strength:**** Balance:**** Stabilizer Endurance:**** Core Demand:**** Overall Rating:****

Back Squat

Goal: Functional leg strength. Hip/core stability. Dynamic posture.

Prime Movers: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gluteus Maximus.

Stabilizers: Hip stabilizers (Glut. Med/Min.), Adductors (as a group), Lateral stabilizers in lower leg (peroneals). Stabilizers of the shoulder (serratus anterior). Core stabilizers (TVA, EO/IO, QL), erectors, multifidus. Grip strength.

Setup & Alignment: Start with Attitube on back. Center the tube and adjust grip for comfort. Pinch shoulder blades to create a shelf. Draw core in before moving. Maintain postural curves. With a staggered stance put the bodyweight on the ball of the back foot and the whole lead foot. Front toes point forward or slightly inward.

Perfoming the Excersize: Keep the torso erect and sit into the trailing leg by bending both knees. Keep forward shin as perpendicular to the floor as possible. Lower so back knee is 1-2” from floor. Return to start position.

Safety Cnsiderations:

  • Prevent excessive forward leaning from the low back.
  • Maintain proper knee alignment.

Variations & Comments:

  • Vary grip (overhead or front position).
  • Progress to dynamic lunges.