Evolution Training: Phase 4 Exercise

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Evolution Training: Phase 4 Exercise

Phase 4 Exercise
Phase 4 Exercise

Dynamic Overhead Lunges

Performance Analysis Strength:***** Balance:**** Stabilizer Endurance:***** Core Demand:**** Overall Rating:****

Dynamic Overhead Lunges

Goal: Total Body Strength, Core Strength and Stability.

Prime Movers: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gluteus Maximus

Stabilizers: Shoulder stabilizers (rotator cuff), lats, traps, erectors, multifidus, abductors (TFL, Glut. Med/Min.), Adductors (as a group), lateral stabilizers in lower leg, core stabilizers (TVA, EO/IO, QL), grip strength.

Setup & Alignment: Start with Attitube in the overhead position. Adjust grip for comfort. Tube should be about 4-6 inches from crown of head. Feet between hip and shoulder width. Pinch shoulder blades and keep elbows straight and firm. Draw core in before moving.

Performing the Exercise: Take a step forward with toe straight or slightly inward. Keep on the ball of the back foot and the whole of the lead foot. Drop into the lunge by bending at both knees. Weight is balanced/equal on both feet. Keep lead shin as perpendicular to floor as possible. Push into ground with the lead foot to return to the start. Repeat on other side.

Safety Considerations:

  • Prevent forward lean from the low back.
  • Maintain proper knee alignment.
  • Prevent stepping too far or too short.

Variations & Comments:

  • Perform quick for more dynamic stability or slower for more static stability.
  • Progress to Overhead Clock Lunges.